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*Wearing image of a different color variation Rucola(K-15-601B)

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See-through checkered and stripe patterns are appered by pulling out cotton yarns after washing the woven cloth.
CASHMERE and PURE LAMB combination is light softly and it's comfortable muffler.

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CASHMERE and PURE LAMB Muffler Chicory



heddle 40/10cm available looms (AVRIL LOOM-30, AVRIL LOOM-50, Rigid Heddle Loom 40cm and 60cm)

finished size

width 21cm, length 175cm+fringe (washed and steamed size)

  PURE LAMB(53)lemon yellow
warp yarn
warp yarn / weft yarn
  CASHMERE(7211)olive gray
weft yarn 2ply
Recipe written in Japanese.

¥6,264(¥5,800 without tax)

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